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G. Boys-Stone, D. El Murr & C. Gill, The Platonic Art of Philosophy, Cambridge 2013, 351p.

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This is a collection of essays written by leading experts in honour of Christopher Rowe, and inspired by his groundbreaking work in the exegesis of Plato. The authors represent scholarly traditions which are sometimes very different in their approaches and interests, and so rarely brought into dialogue with each other. This volume, by contrast, aims to explore synergies between them. Key topics include : the literary unity of Plato's works ; the presence and role of his contemporaries in his dialogues ; the function of myth (especially the Atlantis myth) ; Plato's Socratic heritage, especially as played out in his discussions of psychology ; his views of truth and being. Prominent among the dialogues discussed are Euthydemus, Phaedo, Phaedrus, Republic, Theaetetus, Timaeus, Sophist and Laws.

Introduction George Boys-Stones

1. Macrology and digression Monique Dixsaut

2. Two conceptions of the body in Plato's Phaedrus María Angélica Fierro

3. Socrates in the Phaedo Noburu Notomi

4. Socratic intellectualism in the Republic's central digression David Sedley

5. Timaeus in the cave Thomas Johansen

6. Reflective commentary (1) : 'Socratic' psychology in the Republic Christopher Gill

7. Reflective commentary (2) : appearance, reality and the desire for the good Dimitri El Murr

8. Waving or drowning ? Socrates and the sophists on self-knowledge in the Euthydemus M. M. McCabe

9. Why was the Theaetetus written by Euclides ? Michel Narcy

10. The wooden horse : the Cyrenaics in the Theaetetus Ugo Zilioli

11. The wax tablet, logic and Protagoreanism Terry Penner

12. A form that 'is' of what 'is not' : existential einai in Plato's Sophist Denis O'Brien

13. Truth and story in the Timaeus-Critias Sarah Broadie

14. The Atlantis-poem in the Timaeus-Critias Mauro Tulli

15. Friendship and justice in the Laws Malcolm Schofield.


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