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GONZALEZ, Francisco J., mars 2013

After a transitional year and some discussion within the International Plato Society regarding the aim and format of its electronic journal, we have in the present volume 12 a collection of substantial papers and book reviews all submitted to and peer reviewed for the journal and not differing in diversity, quality or depth of scholarship from what one would find in any highly respected print journal within the field. The journal has thereby become, instead of an organ of communication through which the society and its members present their work to the broader world of scholarship, a tool by which the society seeks to promote excellent work in the study of Plato, by members and non-members alike. Many papers were submitted to the journal this year and, if many had to be rejected, there were enough fully meriting publication to result in the present substantial volume. I thank the contributors who chose the journal to publish their important work and hope that their example will encourage many others to do the same for subsequent volumes. They can be guaranteed a word-wide readership and membership in a scholarly community that extends even beyond that of the society itself. I anticipate that next year will bring with it a dedicated website for the journal as well as greater access and citation in multiple research databases, making it thereby even more attractive as a forum for the publication of the latest and most original work on Plato’s inexhaustible corpus.
This volume would not be possible without the dedicated and expert work of referees and so I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Benoît Castelnérac, Nestor Cordero, Theodor Ebert, Edward Halper, Jacob Howland, Christopher Long, Arnaud Macé, Mark McPherran, Sandra Peterson, François Renaud, Sergio Reinel Ariza Rodriguez, Harold Tarrant, and Thomas Tuozzo. Last but most of all I must thank Olivier Renaut without whose expert and efficient technical assistance this journal simply could not be published. Olivier has served in this capacity well beyond the call of duty and, while we will need finally to relieve him of this heavy burden for future volumes, it will be very hard, if not impossible, to find his equal.
Francisco J. Gonzalez

University of Ottawa

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